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IMAGINE 2020 (2.0)

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- Transnational mobility

- Capacity building: Training and Education

Project description

Imagine 2020 (2.0) is a network of 10 EU based arts organisations, funded by Creative Europe, with a focus on raising awareness in the cultural field and in a broader civil society context around the issues of the socio-ecological crisis that we are currently facing. It funds artistic commissions, research and development and promotes the sharing of resources, ideas, knowledge and debate across the various topics under the umbrella of art and ecology.

The Imagine 2020 project started as a network of 11 cultural organizations in 2010. Following the completion of the project, the European Commission recognized the importance and impact of the Imagine 2020 network project and provided support for the continuation of the project by 2020.

In contemplating the world, intertwined areas of art, culture and the environment are very important and thus create new exciting and stimulating fields for exploring ideas and stimulating creative thinking about environmental issues in the 21st century. The partner network is aware that artists can play a great role in capturing, but also in reacting to those positions in the natural order. Art as such can be an incentive to action and a catalyst for change, which is exactly what we want to point out and what we want to highlight through the Imagine2020 project.

Project objective

- to talk about ecology and urbanism through artistic expression

- Link activism and culture in an innovative way

- by pointing out the existing problems awaken the public

- to offer the public the models and ways to contribute to improving the situation

- the use of inspirational power of art to inspire audiences to contemplation and self-engagement

- Approach from the scientific and activist communication channel to bring the topic of ecology closer to the public concerned

- Approach the theme of ecology and create a new interest to the active audience

Gained experience

Given the relevance of the topic, the innovative approach to the topic, and the high participation in the projects, target groups (activists, scientists and artists), who are professionally related to the subject, make a fresh and different insight into the issues from year to year. Target groups that are not professionally related to the subject (the interested public) are given the opportunity to become interested in contemporary art because they are attracted to a topic they know and have some degree of knowledge but have not had the chance to see them represented and presented in different art practices so far. As it is an important topic that is the subject of numerous scientific and activist considerations, the project also poses for the resources of knowledge and skills developed by experts (scientists) originally involved in ecology. By fundamental research and the combining of art and science, as a result, a thoughtful artistic response to the essential ecological problem arises. In the project, from year to year, an increasing number of experts from the field of culture, science and activism have been involved, as well as the established contacts and new collaborations provide the basis for further cooperation among the involved individuals.