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Future DiverCities - Creativity in an Urban Context

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- Audience development

- Capacity building: Digital shift, New business model

Project description

Project Future DiverCities - Creativity in an urban context is focused on building and developing new ways of thinking and experiencing culture as an alternative to mainstream, globalised attitudes. It aims to reinforce social bonds through art and culture as they are the most real and tangible part of Europe that connects and binds us. The project will center around the artistic domains of music, digital art and street art. Through combination of values (establishing a fair wage for the creators), methodology (making use of design thinking), people (smart curation involving European citizens and the development of smart co-creations and partnerships) and technology (a new streaming platform and mobile applications that support independent artists), Future DiverCities will produce 23 local art labs, art residencies, public performances, and creative and participative events in each of the partner countries.

Project objective

The goal of the project is to establish, develop and reinforce social bonds in urban environments and through art and cultural practices.

Gained experience

Collaboration with partners within this project framework is multileveled and thematically complex. It includes areas such as new business models and digital tools, as well as curatorial collaborations and theory, making the project dynamic, extensive and relevent to a large number of our activities. The focus is on working in new urban communities marked by instable, risky and ever changing circumstances - here the quality of the partnership and the project results serve as the best example of the positive influence of creative and cultural practices on communities and the contemporary society.