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Corners - Turning Europe inside out

2014 POGON 01
2014 POGON 02
2014 POGON 03


- Transnational mobility

- Audience development

- Capacity building: Digital shift

Project description

CORNERS is a platform for artists and audiences, designed and driven by cultural organisations at the edges of Europe. CORNERS creates opportunities for artists and researchers to produce multidisciplinary contemporary artistic and cultural collaborative projects. The objective is to enable exchange across geographical, political and economic divisions. More than 70 artists and researchers have met through CORNERS, as well as more than 50 organisations and institutions as partners and collaborators. Artists from various places meet and get inspired by one another and by the environments that they visit. CORNERS helps to create new art projects that involve people on site and influences artists through new encounters.The project started with Xpeditions in different locations in Europe (Puglia, Italy 2014 and Northeastern England 2015 and in other places). In these Xpeditions artists from different European countries and with various disciplines met, worked together and created 16 projects of which most of them has toured around the corners of Europe, meeting and working artistically together with people at each location.

Project objective

Beside enabling artists to work and collaborate internationally, the goal was to connect transnational art with locally generated and owned initiatives, to establish an environment across Europe that enables and encourages artists and cultural organizations to collaborate and engage local communities in their work, sharing knowledge and enthusiasm at a micro level.

Gained experience

When planning large scale projects on a European level, it is crucial to know your partners well, their capacities and expertise, and shape project activities according to that. When implementing the project, it is important to monitor the cash flow in relation to project activities, in the way that it doesn't represent a threat to the normal functioning of the organization. The timing of local co-funding is crucial for organizations to avoid complications in the implementation of activities. We gained the experience in implementing cultural activities in smaller communities around Europe and experience connected to participation of audience in co-creation of artistic projects.