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Opera Vision

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- Audience development

- Capacity building: Digital shift

Project description

This project encompasses a whole range of activities that will enable digital audiences to access the performances online. Opera Vision puts a special emphasis on attracting and cultivating the emerging young audience, as well as the promotion of European cultural heritage and the development of the operas for the future. An important role of the project is capacity building and expertise in digital technology and cost-effective implementation solutions with the aim of expanding operatic art. The opera of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb will do the live streaming of ‘Ero the Joker’ by Jakov Gotovac on November 6th 2019.

Project objective

Contribute to an online season of full-length operas and provide short-form contextual content to make these opera accessible to diverse audiences. Engage younger audiences in partnership with educational organisations.

Gained experience

Cooperation with foreign opera institutions provides an opportunity to compare artistic approaches to opera art through different productions and artistic performances, which also opens the possibility of international trade, co-production and our participation in festivals abroad. The availability of high-quality video recordings of opera performances opens up new possibilities for promotion of the Opera of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb through online channels of partner cultural institutions, as well as through the various online platforms, social media and mobile apps. Mentioned activities would have multiple effects on popularization of the art of opera and accessibility to a wider range of viewers.