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Creart – Network of Cities for Artistic Creation 2.0

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- transnational mobility

- audience development

- capacity buidling: new business models

- capacity building: training and education

Project description

CreArt (Network of Cities for Artistic Creation) is a Network of European cities and public and private cultural institutions. Launched 2007.  aim was to respond to certain needs shared by European cultural institutions: to maximise the economic, social and cultural contribution that the visual arts can make by better supporting artists, managers, the industry and the general public by allowing them to create, exhibit and enjoy works of art, as well as to access training through seminars, artist residences, workshops and research programmes.

Within the project we organize conferences local seminars for artists, residencies, art workshops, curatorial seminars, traveling group and dual exhibitions, street art competitions and local projects marking the European Day of Creativity are held.

Project objective

  1. To continue with the permanent and professional system for the transnational mobility, cultural exchange and joint work experiences among the different actors in the creative and cultural sector.
  2. To develop more training opportunities for cultural agents: Artists in residence programs, workshops, seminars, conferences, encounters.
  3. Establishment of work methodologies for specific groups (children, youth and adults) that will promote creativity as a skill for personal development through educational programs.
  4. To take advantage of the technological tool for the communication, dissemination, exchange of creativity and cultural management through the CreArt website and the platform of ideas and projects.
  5. To enhance audience development through the internationalization in different cities of the European Day of Artistic Creativity and the European travelling Exhibitions.
  6. To Analyze and research within the framework of conferences, seminars and encounters the best practices in culture-led development
  7. To help to develop a Social Status of artists, based on the Proposal Resolution of the European Parliament (2006/2249)
  8. To enhance the creation and dissemination of the cultural offer in the cities of the Network
  9. To encourage the development and modernization of cultural industries, helping to consolidate the creative sector
  10. To contribute to improve the education and training of the workers and entrepreneurs in the Cultural and creative sector.

Gained experience

Through collaboration with twelve member countries of the CreArt Network, we have gained experience in international cultural cooperation and have made contacts with the international art scene.