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Wom@rts: Women Equal Share Presence in Arts and Creative Industries

Comics - Helena Klakočar Vukšić ©Akademija primijenjenih umjetnosti u Rijeci
Hrvatski proizvod - Vlasta Delimar ©Akademija primijenjenih umjetnosti u Rijeci
Hrvatski proizvod 2 - Vlasta Delimar ©Akademija primijenjenih umjetnosti u Rijeci


- Transnational mobility

- Audience development

- Capacity building: Training and education

Project description

“Wom@rts” is a 4-year project proposed by 10 partners from 8 different European countries (Spain, Finland, Lithuania, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Croatia and Slovenia) and 20 associated partners. The project consists in a transnational network and platform to develop awareness of gender inequality in cultural and creative industries and providing visibility to women artists. The project is ambitious and deals with a sensitive challenge of our contemporary society.

Three of the five sub-programme priorities, ranked as follows have been selected by the applicant: 1. Transnational mobility, 2. Capacity building in new business models, 3. Capacity building in training and education. The project’s strategy to implement these priorities is fully presented and well-articulated to be considered relevant to the achievement of the priorities.

The strategy proposed to implement transnational mobility reveals a very good matching to this sub-programme priority in terms of topic and is relevant to a high extent to promote cultural exchanges and intercultural dialogue. It is well supported by the clearly defined plan of action. The strategy is based on the mobility of women artists in total of some 180 artists, artworks (around 50 pieces: printmaking, comics-illustration and digital/lens-based projects), produced at the residencies, through openings of the exhibition in SI, IR, LT, ES, FR and HR., residency programs, the festivals, the “Masters” classes, which will develop awareness on gender inequalities in cultural and creative industries and providing opportunities to women artists to gain visibility and equally participation in artistic and cultural activities. Adequate, well contextualised information and figures are provided to substantially explain how these activities will contribute to the transnational mobility.

Project objective

In line with the philosophy of largescale cooperation projects the Creative Europe programme, the project will last some 48 months (from September 2017 till August 2021). In this timeframe, the partners will collaborate in a wide range of complementary and, in most of the cases, cross-cultural activities and actions, distributed in the following Working Packages (WPs):

a) WP1 (Transversal): Wom@rts Knowledge, Public Awareness, Charter & Promotion

b) WP2: The 2nd Sex - Creation of a cross-sectorial roaming exhibition

c) WP3: Capacity Building

d) WP4: Participation of women in Festivals and Special Events

e) WP6 (Transversal): Communication

f) WP7 (Transversal): Management & Evaluation