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Spectrum 2016 - Transnational Light

2016 Sonitus 01
2016 Sonitus 02
2016 Sonitus 03


- transnational mobility

- audience development

- capacity building - training and education

Project description

Spectrum is a strong international platform promoting collaborations in Light Art. The common thread of the program is to invite artists from several countries to submit artworks of light, including the local communities in an educational and participatory perspective Spectrum16 is also about education and training. Spectrum attracts mentors and provides them with a frame within they can pass on their knowledge to students, linking the professional and educational spheres. With concrete actions in schools/universities or on the field, many pupils, students and trainees are being involved in workshops , talks, debates or round tables, encouraging critical thinking of space, light and energy consumption.

Project objective

The main objectives of the project are to develop the audience, to facilitate the mobility of artists across Europe and to promote educational practice in the field of light art.

Gained experience

The experiences gained through the SPECTRUM16 project are irreplaceable. Absolutely everything, starting with communication, up to implementation itself, was out of all expectations. There was a communion and a special kind of security because of the partners who were "there" for everything. As for this one, as well as for all other projects.