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Read Me I am Yours

2018 Fraktura 01
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- Transnational mobility

- Audience development

- Capacity building: Training and Education

Project description

The project Read Me I am Yours, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, is a joint endeavour of eminent literary organisations with an aim of promoting European literature, coming from lesser known and used linguistic areas. The partners in the project are organisations that run renowned literary festivals from different parts of Europe representing the lesser-spoken European languages. All partners share a certain common historical, social and political experience that make them unique at a European level. Feeling that we, the countries of the European periphery, have much to offer to the centre, we want to turn the European focus towards its different edges, where the literatures of smaller nations, regions and minorities coexist, and so do the larger groups that, despite the high quality of their writing, are under-represented in the literary and cultural fields.

Project objective

The overall aim of the project Read Me I am Yours is to promote cross-cultural understanding and encourage intercultural dialogue – both among literary cultures that come from lesser-used European languages and larger linguistic areas, as well as with the countries outside Europe – and exchange by enabling and fostering the mobility of authors, publishers, translators, literary agents, and other cultural mediators as well as those working within the cultural sector.

Gained experience

This project provided us the opportunity to reach beyond the national and regional level and create a fruitful alliance with our partners, share resources, expertise and ideas, share the experiences and know-how, as well as cooperate on developing a common approach towards the need of the readers. Within the project we are meeting new potential partners to join our alliance in reaching common goal: promotion of our lesser-known but not less-excellent literatures that all share the common European values. Exchange of know-how and practical experience in organizing literary events and promoting reading facilitate the international professional opportunities and serve as a basis for implementing new approaches towards the audience that is turning to digital. By visiting partners’ festivals, we met the authors and other organizers of cultural events and we established new cooperation. Participating at the project’s events, we were able to evaluate our practice and improve our operation.