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Performing the Museum

MSU performing the museum 01
 MSU performing the museum 02
MSU performing the museum 03
MSU performing the museum 04


- Audience development

Project description

Each partner museum will try to, through Performing the Museum, establish an active dialogue with the public through presentations, dedicated productions, educational workshops and presentations of artistic research. The goal is to make employees and the broader public more aware of institutional resources that reach beyond the usual constraints of museum collections, permanent display and museum exhibitions. The project wants to shed light on museum documentation, the architecture and exhibition conditions, the context of art mediation and production, the written and unwritten history of instituitons, its employees and the public as valuable resources as well.

Project objective

The partner museums strive to re-evaluate and rethink their collections, archives and methodologies in order to create knowledge and connect with various audiences. The most important museum practice is to actively involve the public in museum processes.