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Participatory Art for Invisible Communities – PAIC

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2016 Omnimedia 03
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- audience development

- capacity building - new business models

Project description

PAIC is a multidisciplinary participatory art project bringing together four EU countries through innovative program and cultural and artistic activities, aiming to foster cross-disciplinary, transnational and transversal collaboration spreading the knowledge about culture and heritage. Through international workshops and round tables, it has built an action-oriented social and artistic network and explored an innovative set of methods to address cultural development and to foster local social capital via dialogic pedagogy, community art and by giving means of expression to a vital culture of invisible communities. Documentary film and e-book, as its  major material legacy, gathered, documented and qualifieded primary (PAIC-specific) and secondary (globally relevant) content, contextualise the theoretical model and critically reflects on the project’s process and its outputs, helping to increase public awareness about the importance of reflecting social and cultural issues through arts.

Project objective

  • To incite cultural regeneration by developing a new sense of cultural identity in a form of renewable culture – a culture of invisible communities that is able to survive by maintaining and restoring cultural practices and heritage;
  • To create a space of social organization and production for appropriation of cultural resources through various uses;
  • To shape new contact zones between traditionally separated domains bringing together art, science, culture and businesses and social engagement.

Gained experience

Omnimedia has spread the network of institutions which have been adopting the results and experience of PAIC, created new partnership and collaborators to widen the possibilities of using participatory approach in different field (museum field) using advantages of the lessons learned from PAIC experiences to pilot the new strategy for reinventing and rediscovering maritime tradition and develop a new model of digitally mediated cross-cultural exhibition which builds up on a collaborative, co-creative participatory process and involvement of stakeholders.