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CREARCH - CReative European ARCHives as innovative cultural hubs

2018 CREARCH 01
2018 CREARCH 02
2018 CREARCH 03


- audience development

- capacity building: digital shift

- capacity building: training and education

Project description

Archives enshrine records and stories that transmit a rich heritage of popular traditions and habits that are part of our European culture. CREARCH will transmit them through a creative storytelling based on visual, digital and transmedia performances, where the public will learn how European citizens developed exchanges, built shared values and created a common heritage as a consequence of migrations, trade relations and travels across borders.

CREARCH will implement a comprehensive strategy of audience development for European historical archives that includes: an audience development plan finalized to reach out the non-public; staff training programme in audience development  a mobile app to involve the public through a treasure hunt  and aprogramme of transmedia cultural performances.

Project objective

The ultimate goal of the project is transforming the archives in cultural hubs open to the wide public and in centers of transmedia and artistic creation. CREARCH strategy  planned through 3 action sets:  audience development, training & education and digitalization, will contribute to: increasing the presence of archives in the cultural market, also as a result of enhanced skills of their staff; implementing a more effective audience development strategy and widening the access to the archives through digitalization, transmedia and ICT tools.

Gained experience

The exchange of knowledge and good practices in the field of audience development in archives and heritage institutions, realized through the joint work of the partners, has greatly assisted local experts and project associates in analyzing the creative and innovation opportunities and potential of archival institutions and collections and in preparation of new programs and trends. Also, international collaboration in the preparation of audience development training-tool materials contributed a lot to dissemination of a new knowledge in this field to the local LAM community and to raising awareness to the importance of systematic planning and development of shared strategies in attracting new audiences to the archives.