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Translocal: Museum as Toolbox

2015 MSU 01
2015 MSU 05
2015 MSU 02
2015 MSU 03
2015 MSU 04


- Transnational mobility

- Audience development

- Capacity building: Digital shift

Project description

Translocal: Museum as Toolbox explores possibilities and paths of communication for museums of modern and contemporary art, in particular with young people aged between 15 and 25 who often find it difficult to see any connection between contemporary art and their own lives. The project was developed through several complementary stages: research, international symposium, artist and curator residencies, exhibitions, publications, and web portal containing documentation of the results of project research.

Project objective

The objective of the project is to evolve a communication culture that encourages participation because it has been designed and implemented by the target group itself, instead of simply being directed at them.

Gained experience

The final result of the project was a travelling exhibition presenting the artworks created during the artist residencies, in collaboration with the youth clubs of each participating museum, which were shown in correlation to the chosen artworks from each museum partner. The newly formed MSU youth club had the key role in creating the exhibition and its’ accompanying programme at MSU Zagreb. They were able to experience and tackle the challenges of organizing and producing a museum exhibition. Working directly with the youngsters showed us that their interests in contemporary art increase if they are involved in the decision making process and practical assignments within the museum