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This is Tomorrow. Back to Basics: Forms and Actions in the Future

Dan za danom, Galerija Nova, 2016, fotografija: Ivan Kuharić
Arte Útil, Galerija Nova, 2015, fotografija: Ivan Kuharić
David Maljković: Retrospektiva po dogovoru, Galerija Nova, 2015, fotografija: Ivan Kuharić
David Maljković: Retrospektiva po dogovoru, HDD galerija, 2015, fotografija: Ivan Kuharić
Javna knjižnica, Galerija Nova, 2015, fotografija: Ivan Kuharić
Herojska iscrpljenost, Galerija Nova, 2015-16, fotografija: Ivan Kuharić


- Transnational mobility

- Audience development

- Capacity building: Training and education

Project description

The project was dealing with the problem of sustainability and future of small and middle-size art institutions. It started with the need to analyze the tendencies in the contemporary European cultural landscape towards rapid privatization of art institutions, accompanied by growth and promotion of centralized mega institutions as main originators of contemporary artistic production and presentation, which are based on corporate institutional logics and populist concept of public sphere.

Project objective

The primary aim of the project was to examine and develop the models for sustaining small and middle-size art institutions in the future, through strengthening their involvement with diverse local organizations and stakeholders, fostering growth of new audiences, capacity building of cultural workers and institutions involved, and focusing on transnational circulation of artistic ideas and projects.

Gained experience

Through implementation of this project we have produced and presented new artistic works by local and foreign artists, created in collaborations with independent cultural initiatives/public institutions, we have researched and shaped models of artistic and cultural activities that intervene in social relations. The project has enabled creation and presentation of art possible to provide a vision on themes exiled from the public sphere and development of long-term and innovative models of cooperation and dialogue between local and international contemporary artistic scene actors.