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Balkan Design Network

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Balkan Design Network


- Transnational mobility

- Capacity building: Training and education

Project description

Balkan Design Network is an innovative platform established by Mikser Organization from Belgrade, Croatian Designers Association from Zagreb and Public Room from Skopje, with the aim of articulating and providing strategic support for the development and promotion of the Balkan design, both within the region and at European and international level.

Project objective

The aim is also to raise awareness of the importance of design in the processes of social and economic development, as well as promoting the design values among broader audience.

Gained experience

Since BDN is the first participation of CDA in Creative Europe Programme, it was an excellent opportunity to learn how the program functions, from the managerial and organizational side, as well as from the collaborative side. Further, through collaborations with external experts from the country and abroad (through many guest activities during the travelling of the exhibition) new networks were established, upon which we are able to plan new projects and collaborations. This project resulted in strengthening already existing connection between the 3 organizations. We believe that projects like Balkan Design Network are excellent opportunity for expansion of our organisation on international level since they enable networking with other similar organisations in region. Our goal is to continue with cooperation projects with similar organisations both in the region and wider in EU and create solid network which will enable new teaching and working possibilities both for designers and all participants, as well to provide wider economical and social change.