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Mapping the Blind Spot 2 – European Space: History, Transformations, Visions

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- Audience development

Project description

The European space is characterized by a whole range of experiences, often traumatic and suppressed. Attempts of a particular community or individual to deal with these experiences are relatively rare and, at best, only partial, because coping with this issue is painful, but necessary if one wants to go through transformation and regain self-knowledge, as well as to open up to the future. The literary works we have chosen tell us of these processes.

Our project is an omnibus consisting of translation of six novels, two collection of short stories and of one comic book.

Project objective

Translation of nine books of European authors to the Croatian language and broadening the insight of the context of the European literature.

Gained experience

Sandorf's team had earned a valuable experience through working on editing the translations of exquisite works originally written in different European languages, as well as through communicating with the Croatian audience which is very interesed in gaining a deeper insight in the quality European literary production. Through the communication with the authors themselves we also established an important exchange of observations and experiences and gained certain knowledge about how different national book markets in around Europe function.