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Coping with Insecurities of Contemporary Europe – Translation of 10 books

2019 Fraktura 01
2019 Fraktura 02
2019 Fraktura 03


- transnational mobility

- audience development

Project Description

The project Coping with Insecurities of Contemporary Europe – translation of ten books focuses on the books that elaborate various forms that human insecurity can take. European community lives and acts in time of insecurities, anxieties and fears that developed in all of its members as a consequence of suppression of emerging issues and ever-growing distrust between people. That is why the main objective of this project is to offer an opportunity to Croatian audience, especially those aged 20-35, to gain different perspectives on coping with insecurities through European high-quality literary works from ten countries. The project includes works by contemporary European authors, Slovenian author Dušan Šarotar, French author Kamel Daoud, Ukrainian Yurii Andrukhovych, Swedish author Golnaz Hashemzadeh Bonde, Danish Dorthe Nors, Spanish author Fernando Aramburu, Italian Paolo Cognetti, Austrian Robert Menasse, Dutch writer Jamal Ouariachi and Maltese writer Immanuel Mifsud.

Project objective

The project aims to reach new audiences and deepen the relationship with existing readership by using innovative promotional strategies, to increase European cultural and linguistic diversity by translating books, to contribute to transnational circulation of high-quality literary works, to improve access to the translated published works by innovative distribution and to develop and strengthen literary bonds between Croatia and ten chosen countries.

Gained experience

Through this project so far, we published high-quality translations of six high-quality literary works, as well as enriched already existent literary bonds or establish new ones. We gained new knowledge, skills and experience by implementing innovative practices in publishing, editing, marketing, sales, promotion and organization of literary events and successfully addressed new audiences via various promotional activities such as Orienteere(ad)ing and Translator’s Corners.