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EUROSTRINGS - European Guitar Festival Collaborative

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- Transnational mobility

- Audience development

- Capacity building: New business model

Project description

EuroStrings is a first European Platform in the field of classical guitar gathering 17 classical guitar festivals from all over the Europe. The main idea of the EuroStrings Platform is to promote winners of Platform Festival’s international guitar competitions offering them international career opportunities and enabling them further education. By entering EuroStrings 1 year programme they have opportunity to tour the whole series of Platform's Festivals having solo performances playing in chamber ensambles, having masterclasses by world famous guitar players and being part of variety of promotional and outreach activities. They are also encouraged to challenge themselves and compete in annual EuroStrings Winners’ Competition. Aside a cash prize the winner is offered concert tour in the US and China.

Project objectives

Main aims of the project are:

- international promotion and new educational opportunities for emerging guitar players

- new business and network opportunities for Platform's Guitar Festivals

- supporting talented young guitar players of lower social income by awarding annual EuroStrings scholarships

Gained experience

We have gained the experience of working and leading a large international project with 17 partners from 17 different countries. Managing this project involves monitoring and co-ordination of a team of 35 people, which is a great managament experience and a business challenge for the management team.