Pomaknimo granice!

Networked Encounters

2015 LAB852 01
2015 LAB852 02


- Transnational mobility

- Audience development

- Building capacity: Training and Education

Project description

Project analyses the modes of communication relevant to current technological and socio-cultural realities. During the past two decades face-to-face intercourses are being replaced by virtual chats, anonymous comments, official e-letters, reports and synthetic computer language with no sense of emotion and intentions of those who are behind the screen. Thus, the aim of the Project is to create situations, platforms and spaces for human encounters, to enrich the silent “thread” conversation by voice, sound, common creativity, experiment and self-expressiveness, through active participation in exhibitions, performances, sound installations, workshops and residency programs, memory sites’ project activities and community art events.

Project objective

To revitalize memories in order to improve use of inherited processes and objects.

Gained experience

- Planning activities and expected results in line with own's capacities

- Planning activities in line with foreseen course of financing from local public sources