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European Traditions in Cultural Heritage and Performances (EU.T.ER.PE)

2014 Amadeo 03
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- Transnational mobility

- Audience development

Project description

The aim of EU.T.ER.PE project is closely connected to the aims and priorities of the European Union related to empowerment of the cultural sectors through international collaborations. The emphasis was placed on the promotion of traditional instruments from participating countries. Italy presented the accordion, Greece presented lute and mandolin, Croatia presented bagpipe and lyra, and Serbia presented tambura and wooden flute. A concert was organised in each country that featured a local band famous at national level, joined by soloists, representatives of each country’s traditional instrument, who were selected at European level. Each partner country also organised a series of surprise concerts, thematic workshops in elementary schools, and a masterclass workshop. The final activity of the project was a three-day conference in Ancona, attended by public and private cultural operators and professionals from each partner country.

Project objective

The main goals of EU.T.ER.PE project were: (1) the promotion of traditional instruments and music from partner countries; (2) international presentation of musicians and traditional music; (3) supporting the development of international careers; (4) empowerment of cooperation between cultural operators from partner countries; and (5) empowerment of the cultural sector's capabilities to operate trans-nationally, and supporting actions enabling cultural and creative players to cooperate internationally.

Gained experience

EU.T.ER.PE project had a major impact on our organisation by providing us with the experience of managing an EU project. Also, the network created through the project has already resulted in cooperation beyond EU.T.ER.PE and shows promise that it will continue in the future. Apart from raising the visibility and interest in the Croatian traditional instruments and music, the project has already resulted in collaborations with the partners outside of the project. The musicians involved in the project have reported excellent experiences in terms of their professional development and networking, as well as new collaborations.