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Project description

Bobo Jelčić's original project "Sorry" was envisioned as a theater process whose research is distinctly focused on social issues and emotions based on people's everyday struggles, finding an almost classical grandeur in the smallest possible sequence of events. In the production "Sorry", director Bobo Jelčić uses a simple prop to explore life in theater and the theatrical in life, with a direct approach in working with the actors, shaping a minimal series of events set among the inhabitants of a small and ordinary town. In this theatrical research, the actors of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb and young actors, students of the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb meet and jointly deconstruct archetypal stories about seemingly simple relationships, such as the relationship between mother and daughter, father and son, friendship, first love... "Sorry" is created as part of the project Prospero - ExtendedTtheater, which brings together ten partners - nine theaters and one medium (ARTE) - from nine EU countries.



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