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Project description

Project They: Live - Student lives revealed through context-based art practices aims to engage the student population to participate in the production of contemporary art by using the tools of community archiving and Artist in Residencies on campuses. Student lives and their activities represent a live reservoir of innovative ideas and relationships, a source through which an evolutionary development of intellectual heritage can be followed and a completely new view of the European culture and its future development can be established. The idea to combine it with contemporary art practices which have a large collaborative and participatory potential in revealing a specific view of history and life of communities, underline project main goal: creation of an effective interdisciplinary methodology which involves digital archives as a resource for the context-based and participatory art practices. The consortium of partners consists of Project leader Students’ City Cultural Center (SCCC) from Belgrade, Serbia (Public Institution)and four project partner organizations: Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) from Cetinje, Montenegro (NGO); Academy of Applied Arts from Rijeka, (APURI), Croatia (Public University); Faculty of Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) Madrid, Spain (Public University) and International Centre For Archival Research ICARUS Croatia (NGO part of the international network) and two affiliated partners: Institute for Art in Context, Universitat der Kunste (UDK), Germany (Public University) and Center for Public History (CPH), Belgrade, Serbia (NGO).

Project focus on student life was related to following topics: the everyday student life, campus-related life, cultural habits and free time, interpersonal relations, gender relations, socio-political engagement, in the time range from the end of the Second World War until contemporary days on the European level. They: Live activities were carried out in Zagreb, Rijeka, Podgorica, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Madrid, and Berlin and presented at archival and artistic conferences all around Europe. The outcomes of They: Live - virtual collections, exhibitions, art programs and events, workshops, blogs, manuals and books - are designed with purpose to serve as guidelines for managers of cultural institutions and art galleries, curators and artists for the further improvement of innovative approaches to the development of young audiences.


- Transnational creation and circulation


- Audience

- Sustainability