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Project description

ArtApp will bring the collaboration and interaction between art organisations, local businesses, and their wider audience to a new level and into the technology of the 21st century. ArtApp aims to connect these three parties in an online platform, ensuring a Europ-wide network and platform to foster arts in general and provide new models of funding. ArtApp will be tested in four disciplines: dance, theatre, music, visual art and also in SAP (Social Art Practices). ArtApp will ultimately help art organisations to bring art in unusual places, making it possible to get support from the community and local businesses in a very convenient and uncomplicated way. Thus ArtApp can create a sustainable eco-system for local businesses, cultural organisations, and the audience, from which all three parties can benefit in an equal way. With a small amount, each end-user can support not only their favorite local business, but also help cultural organisations to exist, provide valuable performances to their audience, and simply maintain their concepts and ideas. Through the online application, the audience can receive price reductions or even free tickets after making purchases at the business partners (restaurant, cafe’s, stores). The App can be used as a membership or loyalty card and its users (mainly audience) can participate in activities such as voting, wishes, etc. that can be considered by the art organisations and local businesses. Business partners will be able to support art organisations and use this as a powerful, but a flexible marketing tool. Through that partnership, art organisations and businesses will refer to and promote each other. Cultural organisations will receive new audiences through the users of the application and therefore, have a newly generated income source. Partnerships with businesses are very flexible, and they have the possibility to use the ArtApp in an interactive way, offer special services, and receive direct feedback from their audience.


- Innovation


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- Sustainability